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Herbs by Element


Recipes to promote fertility, peace, money, business success, stability, growth (as in gardens), employment, and so on.

Bistort H

Cypress H,O

Fern H

Honeysuckle H

Horehound H

Magnolia H,B

Mugwort H

Narcissus H

Oakmoss H,B

Patchouly H,O

Primrose H

Rhubarb H

Vervain H

Vetivert H,O


Recipes to promote communication, travel, intellect, eloquence, divination, freedom & wisdom.

Acacia H

Arabic, Gum H

Almond H

Anise H

Benzoin H,O

Bergamot Mint H,B

Citron H

Lavender H,O

Lemongrass H,O

Lemon Verbena H,O

Mace H,O

Marjoram H

Mastic, Gum H

Parsley H

Peppermint H,O

Sage H

Star Anise H


Recipes to promote commuication, defensive magick, physical strength, magickal power, courage, will power & purification.

Allspice H

Angelica H

Asafoetida H

Basil H,O

Bay H,O

Carnation H

Cedarwood H,O

Cinnamon H,O

Clove H,O

Copal H

Coriander H,O

Deerstongue H

Dill H

Dragon's Blood H

Fennel H

Frankincense H,O

Galangal H

Garlic H

Grains of Paradise H

Heliotrope H

Juniper H,O

Lime H,O

Marigold H

Nutmeg H,O

Orange H,O

Peppermint H,O

Rosemary H,O

Rose Geranium H,O

Sassafras H

Tangerine H,O

Tobacco H

Woodruff H


Recipes to promote love, healing, peace, compassion, reconcilliation, purification, friendship, de-stressing, sleep, dreams & psychism.

Apple Blossom H

Balm, Lemon H,O

Calamus H

Chamomile H,O

Camphor H,O

Cardamom H,O

Catnip H

Cherry H

Coconut H

Comfrey H

Elder H

Eucalyputs H,O

Gardenia H

Heather H

Hyacinth H

Iris H

Jasmine H,O

Lemon H,O

Licorice H

Lilac H

Lily H

Lotus B

Myrrh H,O

Orchid H

Orris H

Passion Flower H

Peach H

Plumeria H

Rose H,O

Sandalwood H,O

Spearmint H,O

Stephanotis H

Sweet Pea B

Tansy H

Tonka H,B

Vanilla H

Violet H

Ylang-Ylang O

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