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A page dedicated to my loving, silly, and very spoiled animals, who's mamma loves them dearly!

I have two dogs...a Husky named Foxy (she's such a pretty girl) and a chihuahua-beagle (or at least we think) named Maize.  Of course they are absolutely spoiled rotten, but in my opinion, that's the way pets should be!  Unfortunately, Foxy and Maize remained in Georgia with their "daddy" when I moved back home to Florida a little over a year and a half ago....But here's their stories.....
We got Foxy about two years ago.  I was at the vet's office to get my cats fixed, and she was there.  I was oooing & ahhhing over her, and she was such a sweetie!  I thought for sure that she was either there recovering from something, or belonged to one of the staff.  Then the receptionist turned to me and said, "You wanna take her home?"  Turns out that Foxy had been hit by a car and brought in my a good samaritan.  He was a good person for bringing her in, but couldn't keep her, and they never found her owner as she didn't have tags.  Poor Foxy!  Not only was she hurt, but while she was recooperating, and her back leg was in a cast, she slipped & fell on the vet's floor and broke her other back leg!  Long story short.....haha....the vet said we could take her if we paid for her heartworm preventative, and we brought her home.  Maize belonged to a friend of ours who worked way too much, and couldn't spend enough time with him. So we adopted him, too!
The cats are brats, and their names are Kramer (Big-Butt), Luna (the lap whore), Rhino (mouth of the south), & Jazzy (clumsy-lover).  I love all my animals dearly.  Kramer knows when it is bedtime, and leaps onto the bed (despite his size) ready to cuddle.  Kramer and Luna were able to make the journey home to the Sunshine State with me.  They think it's HOT, but they certainly haven't lost any of their weight!  I think they need a body wrap or gastric bypass or something...Sheesh.  Kramer's up to nearly 20 pounds, and Luna is right behind at 15 or so!!

Furbaby Pictures

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