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New Moon (First Quarter) Ritual




Have elementally colored candles at the circle's quarter points (UNLIT). Chose a candle to represent you & your presence in the sacred space.

Sprinkle the ritual space with Sandalwood, Orris Root & Copal for cleansing & improved awareness.

(If performing this ritual within a group, each participant should also choose one candle to represent their presence in the sacred space, annoint it with a personal oil, and then put it on the altar in a candleholder)


Use a silvery-blue altar cloth, with a white & black candle, an athame, a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, chalice of wine (or other beverage such as juice), cakes, & censer with incense of your choosing. (If performing in a group, the individual candles should be arranged in a circle on the altar to represent unity of mind & purpose)


Light the candles at the quarter points while reciting each part of the Invocation.


Singers of the Songs of the Wind & the Birds,

I (We) call to you.

In thoughtfullness, & with dedicated spirit,



Leapers of Fire & Faith, & of blazing stars,

I (We) call to you.

Come forth from the darting flames,

and be Welcome.


Waters of Mirth & Merriment, & of Neptune's gale,

I (We) call to you.

Liberate your mist & waves of grace,

and be Welcome to this place.


Protectors of the Forest & Its people,

I (We) call to you.

O enrichers of life & revelry,

Be Welcome.



(If in a group, have everyone hold hands around the circle & close their eyes. Someone should read this meditation slowly, giving everyone present time to integrate the energies.....if you wish to use this as a meditation, it would be wise to do an introduction...talking your way into a relaxed state, and then slowly returning the same way afterwards. If you are working alone, you can use this visulization by changing the word "spirits" to "elemental powers." In this case, consider pre-taping the guided visualization for yourself so that you can listen while meditating.....using an introduction to help you relax step-by-step, and an ending to help you to return to normal consciousness slowly & safely)

See a silvery moon shining in the center of your being. It is just beginning to grow from out of the darkness. Focus on this energy, this power, and let it grow within you. Slowly, perceptibly, it fills every corner of your being & pours outward to the center of the circle. Here it dances & mingles with all the spirits gathered here, bringing balance, harmony, tolerance...perfect love...perfect trust.

Let this energy swirl around & combine, then burst outward in all directions, purifying everything in it's path. Breathe of this cleansing energy & let it relax you. Continue breathing of this light until you are comfortable in it's glow, then open your eyes.



Light your personal candle, and state your name. Also mention any personal goals you have at this time, as well as anything and all you are thankful for.

(If you are working in a group, have the participants come do the same, one by one. You may also want to have them mention any personal goals they have in joining the group. When everyone is done, a discussion of the group, it's purpose & goals, follows within the equality & protection of the circle)

Afterward, bless the cakes & wine by saying:

Lord & Lady, Powers of the sea & sky, I ask your blessing upon these cakes & this drink.

(If in a group, have one person bless the cakes & wine in the same fashion, adding to the end:)

Let the sharing of this cup bring unity, accord & peace.

You should then eat a small piece of the cake and say,

May you never hunger.

Take a sip of the drink and say,

May you never thirst.

( If in a group, you can add the words, Welcome & Blessed Be)

Offer the remainder of the cakes & wine to the earth after the ritual is done & circle is closed.




Protectors of the Forest,

Thank you for joining me (us) in spirit & sanctity.

Hail & Farewell.


Crashing waves of Joy,

Thank you for joining me (us) with waves of Mirth.

Hail & Farewell.


Keepers of the Cauldron of Faith & Fire,

Thank you for joining me (us) in the warmth of unity.

Hail & Farewell.


Singers of the Wind, in whom magick takes flight,

Thank you for joining me (us) with blustery delight.

Hail & Farewell.


The circle is open, but unbroken.

So Mote it Be!

(If in a group you can say the following:)

We have gathered here together, we are one.

The circle is open, but unbroken.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, & Merry Meet Again.

So Mote it Be!

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