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Pagan Humor

Links to some Pagan jokes.
Please do not get offended by any of these...after all, they're just JOKES! 

Be an Expert on New Age in 5 Minutes

Bill Gates' Book on Wicca

The Candles are Blowin' out Again

Charge of the Beeotch

Charge of the Credit Card Goddess

Circle Etiquette

How to Become a Witch in 9 Easy Steps

Lady Pixie MoonDrip's Guide to Craft Names

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Mother-in-Law

Letter from a 3rd grade teacher sent home to Pagan parents


New to Magick & Paganism

Redneck Astrology Signs

Sam Hain

Safe Witch Kit

Top 10 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines for Pagans

Types of Pagans

White Light Coven Application

The Wiccan Redact

Wiccan-Shaman-Druid Song

You Finally Know You're a Witch When

You Know Your Coven's Getting Older When

You Might be a Yuppie Pagan if....

You Might be Giving Pagans a Bad Name if....

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