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About our last couple meetings.....

On this page, you get to read about all of the fun things that have gone on at our last couple of meetings!

January Full Moon
This Full Moon was a very serious one.  We took the time to send out some strong healing energy for two friends who were in a terrible car wreck recently.   We also took this Full Moon to cleanse & consecrate any new magickal or divination items, or just to re-charge some tools that we already had.
We then sat down and practiced with our Tarot. We would randomly pick a card from our decks, pass it around & everyone would tell what they got from the card just by looking at it.  After everyone had their turn with the card, we would read from our books what the meaning was.  I think that we could all use some more practice, and we will probably do this quite often!


Imbolc / Candlemas 2003
This year, we held our Imbolc / Candlemas circle at Samantha & Brent's house.  We were blessed & priviledged to have 4 guests this year, and we thouroughly enjoyed having them!
We set up our Imbolc altar with a white altar cloth to symbolize the snow on the ground at this time of year. (Of course we haven't had any in GA this year.....but after all it was symbolic.....and maybe some wishful thinking.....*wink*)   We honored Brigit & Wayland as our Goddess & God.  During the ritual we spoke of what Imbolc means, and what we have to look forward to in the coming of spring.
We also took the time to perform a small cauldron spell, in which we all wrote down creative endeavors that we wished to bring into our lives.  These could be something that we had already started that just needed a little boost, or something completely fresh & new.  We then placed the papers in the cauldron, for the energies to be released a little later in the ritual.
Samantha told us a wonderful bard's tale about Brigit & her bed.  We all then placed offerings in Brigit's bed that consisted of seeds, and money to bring fertility to our gardens & prosperity into our lives.
We held a impromptu memorial for the 7 lives lost in the Columbia disaster, with each of us taking a white candle.  As each of the names were read, we went around the circle & each lit the candle we were holding in memory of those who were lost so tragically.  After all the candles were lit, we held a procession leading outside, where we stood & projected energy to their loved ones & families, and asked for their safe passage to the next life.  We then came back indoors, and left the candles to burn themselves out in the bare flowerbed.
Can you say, time for food???   After closing the circle, we proceeded to have a wonderful potluck dinner that consisted of many yummy foods & desserts.  We truly had a wonderful time, and a memorable circle.

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