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I decided...well, I already have a site all about my spiritual life.  So why not make one that's just all about me, my daily life....my hopes my fears, my family and friends....
That way...everyone can check in and see what I'm up to!  I promise to try and keep it as up-to-date as I can.  This site will probably be quite a bit smaller in size than my other site, but that is a good thing to me! lol  *whew*

Ok everyone, so I stink at returning calls, and picking up the phone to call y'all so I'm making this site just for you!  I hope that you'll check in often to see what's going on down here in the Sunshine State, and keep in touch as well!
If we don't all blow away down here!

....Clicky, Clicky!!!....

What's New?

Hurricane after Hurricane after.....
*Sighs* I swear this is the most stressed I've been in a very long time.  Trying to prepare for storm after storm.....watching nothing but the news hoping and praying that you won't be hit directly, while at the same time feeling great sorrow for those it chooses to hit instead......
We all need your positive thoughts and prayers...the whole state.
We've been hit hard this Hurricane Season....Bonnie, Charley, Frances and now Ivan......
I have to admit I am a bit concerned about Ivan.  He's strong.  And he's headed right for us.  We don't really have anywhere we could evacuate to other than a shelter, but I am such a nutcase that I can't stand the thought of having to leave my pets to fend for themselves during such a storm.  During Frances, Luna was under my bed howling/meowing at the top of her lungs everytime the wind picked up.  Poor baby.  She was scared to death.
Somehow, we'll make it through.
UPDATE 10/27/04
We made it through the hurricanes just fine.  We really lucked out.
Otherwise, I've started a new job working as a CSR for Shell Energy Services through a company here in town called Protocol.  I'm a 1-800#  *giggles, snorts*  Of course, just as everyone's been saying, it IS better than being a 1-900#. lol
I like it.  The people are great (even the supervisors) and even better than that, Markie works there, too, and sits right next to me!!



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