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Ostara (Spring Equinox)


The Spring Equinox. One of the Lesser Sabbats. Day and Night are equal in length. The earth is becoming awake and alive, and the young God is approaching maturity. It is a time of planting and welcoming back the fertility of the earth.



Seed Moon, Worm Moon, Plow Moon, Moon of Winds

Decorated Eggs, Bunnies, Basket of Wildflowers

Springtime Goddesses
Athena, Isis, Flora, Easter, Anna Perenna

Green, Yellow

Traditional Foods
Eggs, Seeds, Leafy Green Vegetables, Spiced or Flower Cupcakes, Fruits, HotCross Buns, Spring Lamb

Herbs and Growths
Vervain, Lilac, RoseHips, Honeysuckle, Iris, Peony, Violet, All spring flowers

Jasmine, Rose, Strawberry

Rose Quartz, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Garnet

Focus of Ostara
At this time, witches cast spells for careers, relationships, and love. It's a time for planting new ideas. Seek harmony and balance in the incredible energy of the season, and project good health, good fortune, and confidence in achieving goals. This is the time to free yourself from anything in the past that is holding you back.

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